If You're Serious, Prove It!
7 Days To Save $5k

You Have 7 Days To Invest $5k Before It Increases To $10k


Dear Friend, 

If you're reading this you, chances are you're an already successful person
You Don't Have Time For Some Long And Drawn-Out Pitch.
So we'll keep this letter short.

Here's the bottom line:

If you're looking at this page it means you had a call with someone from our team.

On that call we determined that you want to own real estate and a bunch of it. 

Whatever your goal was we discussed, the number one thing that will keep it from happening is indecisiveness. 

I created Project 100 to work with people that are interested in owning real estate the right way.

If you're someone that wants to over donate to the IRS or not protect what you're going to build then I'm not interested in working with you.

It's the reason we only work with 6-8 people at a time. 

My team will make sure your LLC and Trust are all set up with our attorney team that specializes in real estate. 

We handle 95% of the heavy lifting. We just can't sign legal documents for you and nor would you want us to. 

We want to make sure if we're going to work together we give you every opportunity to be successful.

Can we guarantee success 100%? No, the only two things guaranteed are death and taxes. 

We just want to make sure everything is set-up for you to crush it!

So to help with that I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse.

I'm doing this to weed out the people that like to just talk about what they want but very seldom take any action.
If You Take Action Before The Timer Reaches Zero... 
You Can Become A Part Of Project 100 For A $5k Investment 

If you wish to join Project 100 after the timer reaches zero you will still be able to join if we decide to work together but the investment will be $10k.

Now, I feel like I should warn you about me. I take seriously the people we decide to work with.  Which is why you and I are about to find out together how serious you are about your goals.

I'm a maniac about helping our members reach their goals and giving them every last resource to make that happen.

When you become a part of Project 100 you will plug directly into the real estate matrix. A multimillion dollar  team that will go to work for you. It's the reason we only work with 6-8 people at any given time.

It's the team I've created to put together $100 million dollar development deals and the same team I've used to buy, renovate and rent over 1,000 properties.

The real question is, How serious are you about your goals?

If we've decided you're the type of person we want to work with and you've decided we're the right team for you, what's the hold up?

We want to do business with you.

Let's stop talking and let's get to work to build something EPIC together!

Also, we're only going to work with 100 people and we're just about full.


Let's roll!

Tik Tok...

To your success,


What You Get With Project 100

  • The Path- Custom plan to replace your income with real estate  ($500 Value)
  • Asset Protection Platinum- LLC Creation ($1,500 Value)
  • Trust Pro - Trust creation for protecting your real estate ($2,500 value)
  • ​Real Estate IRA converter 2.0 - How to use your retirement accounts for real estate ($1,000 Value)
  • Direct access to my Director of Client Experience ($10,000 Value)
  • Direct Access to my Investment Counselor Team ($10,000 Value)
  • Tax Pro Consultation - 30 min Consultation when creating your LLC ($1,000 Value)
  • Invictus Platinum Property Access - Priority access to properties typically reserved for those with $500k+ ($100k Value)
  • Annual Real Estate Accelerator Plan Update ($5,000 Value)
  • Master Insurance Policy Access ($1,000 Value)